Stem cell therapy knee Chennai India

Cellular therapy knee Chennai, India

Cellular therapy knee Chennai, India. Although the concept ‘Stem cell’ used widely is an invalid one because these cells don’t have any ‘stemness’ that is they don’t make cartilage, bone or muscle themselves, still surgeons and hospitals continue to use them to attract patients.  So thos surgeons and hospitals proclaiming that some cells have the…

Cellular therapy knee arthritis

Cellular therapy knee arthritis India

Cellular therapy knee arthritis India, Patient testimonial after one year. This seventy seven year old patient underwent Cellular treatment to both knees for osteoarthritis in 2019 February. A year later he is enjoying complete pain relief and improved mobility. His says that his cousin who underwent cellular therapy four years ago also is doing well.…

Hip fracture treatment Chennai Dr.Venkatachalam

Hip fracture treatment Chennai, patient testimonial after 10 years

Hip fracture treatment Chennai, patient testimonial after ten years. This seventy two year old gentleman underwent  screw fixation for a hip fracture by Dr Venkatachalam in Chennai. He narates his present condition after ten years.

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